Intentional Disruption

Leadership Lessons in Healthcare, Business and Beyond.

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What an Intentionally Disruptive Leader has to Say about the Future of Healthcare

As the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated, few industries are more susceptible to disruption than healthcare. For former Kindred Healthcare CEO Ben Breier, few are more in need of intentional and productive disruption. From patient care to branding, from reshaping demands of leadership to how social media is changing patient-provider relationships, healthcare is in the midst of a tidal shift that starts with the CEO. Throughout his career, Ben Breier has encountered these challenges at every level and is now sharing the lessons he’s learned on his way up.

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Intentional Disruption
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Intentional Disruption

Leadership Lessons in Healthcare, Business and Beyond

Healthcare in America is an embattled industry. And it’s one that affects the lives of every American, either directly or indirectly. Rising costs are pricing people out of vital care, and the system’s complicated infrastructure prevents the average person from finding the best coverage options for their needs. Ben Breier, former CEO of Kindred Healthcare, aims to disrupt this broken paradigm and prepare American healthcare for a brighter future.

In the current business climate, success isn’t only about surviving a constant stream of disruptions; it’s about actively and intentionally disrupting the status quo in a thoughtful way.”

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Sharing Disruption, Innovation, and Hope

Ben Breier knows what it means to be a disruptor. He’s led multiple healthcare organizations, helping them grow, manage change, and ultimately, improve outcomes for patients and business partners.

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Intentional Disruption: Leadership Lessons in Healthcare, Business and Beyond