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Intentional Disruption:

Leadership Lessons in Healthcare, Business and Beyond

The American healthcare system is staring down a seismic logistical shift. One that, if not met with expert insights and bold leadership, will leave both patients and providers in the wilderness.

More often than not, leaders fail to see major disturbances coming. However, in Ben Breier’s experience, leaders can prepare for disruption. In today’s healthcare landscape there are major things every healthcare leader needs to prepare for:

  • Everything about the way we consume and utilize healthcare is changing rapidly
  • The Affordable Care Act helped shine a light on the costs and access in healthcare
  • Consumerism is driving more decisions than ever in healthcare
  • Baby boomers are becoming Medicare eligible at a rapidly escalating pace
  • Anxieties are growing over the future of access, cost, and care

That’s a lot to contend with, but meeting the coming challenges isn’t impossible. In Intentional Disruption: Leadership Lessons in Healthcare, Business and Beyond, former Kindred Healthcare CEO Ben Breier calls on his decades of experience at nearly every level of the industry and distills what he’s learned into lessons that leaders—regardless of industry—can reference to meet disruptions by being prepared, intentional, and fearless.

Intentional Disruption

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"Benjamin Breier’s new book is a must-read. This is one of the most honest and transparent books written by a business leader that I have ever read. From my perspective, “Intentional Disruption” is in the same class of books as “Straight From the Gut” by Jack Welch or “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight. I highly recommend it to all of those who are looking to make a difference in their lives or in the world."
Jonathan Koski Traveling Director of Rehabilitation/ Operations Consultant, LifePoint Health
“What is unique about Breier’s book is that it’s a series of authentic and compelling personal stories that, in aggregate, provide the reader with a practical view for how to use intentional disruption as a proactive leadership strategy. It does so by providing a contextual roadmap and then bringing each step to life by recounting disruptive events faced by Breier: media threats, legislative threats, natural disasters, shareholder actions, and complex business transactions… We recommend Intentional Disruption to CEOs, board members, and rising star leaders in business, academia, and government. It’s an entertaining read. Yet it is also highly practical and built on a solid conceptual foundation.”
Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld Yale School of Management Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies & Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management Jeffrey CohnCEO advisor and frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC
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Intentional Disruption: Leadership Lessons in Healthcare, Business and Beyond